Cute Cases Make Traveling Fun for Kids

Headed on a trip to grandma’s house this holiday season? Here are a few of our latest finds to keep your kids comfy while you’re on the go. The Trendykids Travel Buddies sets make traveling fun. These hard shell cases and matching blankets have fun faces... Read More

The Happy Kid Handbook

Finally, someone has come up with a realistic manual for raising happy kids! A new book, The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World, offers a straightforward approach that produces happy children and sane parents. The author, Katie Hurley, LCSW, is... Read More

Product Review: Bug Bands

Do the mosquitoes and ticks drive you indoors this time of year because you don’t want to use nasty chemical-filled sprays? Here’s an all-natural bug repellent product that’s safe for the whole family. The BugBand Insect Repellent is DEET-free and uses naturally derived geraniol to repel... Read More

Product Review: Hip Appeal Hands-Free Wrap

Like most moms, I wouldn’t dream of wearing a bulky fanny pack today, but I need something to keep my hands free to hold kids, push a stroller and carry groceries all at the same time. Here’s a functional, stylish and affordable solution: the Hip Appeal.... Read More

Oaklee’s Product Review: Style Rx

Here’s a fun way to carry your daily medication or supplements to school, to the office, or even out to lunch with friends. The Style Rx case is an attractive 7-day pill box cover that was designed for busy, on-the-go women and is meant to be... Read More

Hoppy Paws Stamp Kits

Do your kids want “proof” that the Easter Bunny visited your house? Use this kit to leave his footprints along the path to the front door and throughout the house leading to their Easter Baskets. Hoppy Paws is a stamp kit that creates realistic Easter Bunny paw... Read More

2015 Kia Sedona: The Modern Van for the Modern Parent

Oaklee’s guest post by Jasmine from   Earlier this month I was invited by Kia Motors to attend their media introduction of the 2015 Kia Sedona and 2015 Kia Soul EV. If you have been following Simply Real Moms then you know what a huge... Read More

Save on your Ski Clothing with GetOutfitted

Are you heading to the slopes during spring break? Here’s a great idea to equip the family on a budget. Rather than buying new clothing for your trip every year–especially with kids that grow two sizes per season–you can upgrade your clothing and gear through a... Read More

Help Your Toddler Thrive

Are you in the middle of the terrible twos, or threes or fours? The age when your toddler is learning about his own independence and challenging everything you say? Fortunately, there’s help to get you through this stage. Dr. Tovah Klein spends her days in “toddlerdom,”... Read More

Oaklee’s Review: Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

Here’s a fun twist on Valentine’s Day Chocolate: a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit from Glee Gum. This kit comes with all the ingredients you need to make a few Valentine’s Day treats. The kit contains organic ingredients like cocoa butter, cocoa powder, confectioner’s sugar, starter... Read More

Energy Shot Portable Backup Battery

The MyCharge Energy Shot Portable Backup Battery is a great little gadget that saves you when your phone battery is running low and you’re not close to an outlet. This handy charger fits in a purse, car or carry-on bag and charges your device very quickly.... Read More

Oaklee’s Book Review: Maddi’s Fridge

When Lois Brandt was a young girl, she opened her best friend’s refrigerator and discovered that her family had no food. “I didn’t know what to do as a child facing this horrible issue,” she says. “I didn’t know how to help my friend.” As a... Read More

Guardian Angel Safety Outlet

Here’s a product from local Chicago entrepreneur Dan Masterson. The Guardian Angel Outlet is an easy-to-install shockproof power outlet that senses when a child’s hand is nearby and will shut down power in the outlet until the danger is gone. Dan hopes to make it the first of... Read More

Go! Go! Sports Girl dolls

These dolls inspire girls to look beyond their image, and be active participants in their lives. The Go! Go! Sports Girl dolls were created by Jodi Norgaard in Glen Ellyn, IL, when she couldn’t find age appropriate dolls for her young daughter. She created the dolls... Read More

Book Review: Help your Child Change the World

Do your kids know that they can change the world, just by being their unique selves? Here’s a great new personalized book from publisher I See Me! that will inspire your kids to do just that – one smile and one step at a time. This... Read More

Disney Frozen Hairstyles

Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired by Anna and Elsa and Disney Princess Hairstyles: 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles with Step by Step Images     Do you need some new ideas for styling your daughter’s long hair? This new book published by Edda USA is just for you. There are step-by-step illustrations... Read More

EZ Leaps Shoe Tying Tool

EZLeaps shoe tying tool Are your kids learning to tie their shoes? Here’s a simple but helpful tool created by a local Mompreneur. Eileen Soan, a first grade teacher in Plainfield and Downers Grove, got frustrated always having to tie her students shoes, so she invented... Read More

Product Review: Lil’ Holster

You’ve gotta try this fun new household tool. Know how your sponge is always hiding at the bottom a sink full of dirty dishes? The Lil’ Holster is a perfect solution. Just stick this flexible plastic holder to the side of your sink, and viola, your... Read More