Cute Cases Make Traveling Fun for Kids

Headed on a trip to grandma’s house this holiday season? Here are a few of our latest finds to keep your kids comfy while you’re on the go.

Trendykids luggage

The Trendykids Travel Buddies sets make traveling fun. These hard shell cases and matching blankets have fun faces and colors that you can tell were designed by kids for kids.


The Travel Buddies duo consists of a wheeled case and matching backpack. Use this set for a traveling vacation or for everyday use. The wheeled case is hard shell on both sides with sturdy wheels and a retractable pull handle that fits both adults and children. The inside has an elastic strap to hold contents in place on one side and a zippered compartment on the other side.

Trendykids luggage

The kid-sized backpack has a hard shell front with soft back and is still lightweight enough so that kids can carry it on their own. It has just enough room for a snack, books, toys and a Trendykids matching travel pillow and blanket.

Trendykids luggage

The matching Travel Snoozy is a 3-in-1 inflatable pillow with plush fleece blanket and case. The pillow cover, blanket and matching case are made from a super soft flannel fleece that’s perfect for cold airplanes or car seats. Tucked inside is a blow-up pillow that is easily inflated.


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