Product Review: Lil’ Holster


You’ve gotta try this fun new household tool. Know how your sponge is always hiding at the bottom a sink full of dirty dishes? The Lil’ Holster is a perfect solution. Just stick this flexible plastic holder to the side of your sink, and viola, your sponge stays right where you can easily find it.

The plastic sticks by itself–there’s no glue or other residue–and you can remove and reattach it as many times as you want. Stick it on walls, sinks, almost anywhere. The bright blue mini size brightens up my kitchen sink.

This cool tool comes in two sizes: the “skinny” size is long and thin and holds hairbrushes and toothbrushes, and the “mini” size is short and wide and perfect for bars of soap, sponges, and even for holding cell phones. Pick a blue, orange, grey, or pink one. Better yet, get one for every room in the house. They’re so much fun that you’ll actually use them, and will always be able to find that lost sponge!

They also have heat resistant holsters for hot irons and crafting tools like hot glue guns. Find them all at