Save on your Ski Clothing with GetOutfitted

Are you heading to the slopes during spring break? Here’s a great idea to equip the family on a budget. Rather than buying new clothing for your trip every year–especially with kids that grow two sizes per season–you can upgrade your clothing and gear through a rental company called GetOutfitted.

GetOutfitted knows how intimidating the cost of winter activities can be. They provide top-quality ski clothing, goggles, action cameras and more to vacationers, day-trippers and families that would otherwise spend a fortune on snow clothes they wear once or twice a year and quickly out-grow. Plus, items can be delivered directly to home or hotel and include free prepaid, pre-addressed packaging for convenient returns.

For $23 a day and up, you can avoid stuffing your suitcases full of bulky winter-wear and having costly outfits sitting unused until next season. On the website, you can choose from a complete package of jacket, pants, gloves and goggles, or individual pieces. Skis and boards can be rented for many resorts in Colorado and California.

With GetOutfitted, you simply go online, choose what you need, and checkout. Quality brands such as Patagonia, Burton, Marmot, Smith and more, arrive hassle-free and without the hefty price tag! Give it a try this season.


GetOutfitted ski clothing rental