How to Carve a Pumpkin

Think you know the latest tricks for carving a creepy pumpkin? The pros continue to push the barriers. A handful of people become professional pumpkin carvers each fall, specializing in fantastical designs. Among them are Alex Wer, self-styled “Pumpkin Geek,” who lives near Sacramento, Calif.; Scott... Read More

DIY Halloween Costumes on a Budget

We got some great tips from a Consignment Expert to create and save on costumes this Halloween Do you remember your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? Mine was this long, flowing princess costume that my mother made out of green satin and chiffon. It had a... Read More

Spring Kite Flying and Festivals

Chicago’s windy springtime is perfect for kite flying! Join your local park district as they participate in the Illinois Park & Recreation Association’s “Flying 4 Kids” program, which promotes the sale of Park District license plates that feature a kite design. Here’s a list of some of... Read More

Hoppy Paws Stamp Kits

Do your kids want “proof” that the Easter Bunny visited your house? Use this kit to leave his footprints along the path to the front door and throughout the house leading to their Easter Baskets. Hoppy Paws is a stamp kit that creates realistic Easter Bunny paw... Read More

Make Your Own Chinese New Year Dumplings!

Recipe provided by China Institute Dumplings, called jiaozi in Mandarin, have been popular in China for hundreds of years. They’re especially popular on Chinese New Year. This year, Chinese New Year starts on February 19. We will be moving from the Year of the Horse to... Read More

Oaklee’s Review: Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

Here’s a fun twist on Valentine’s Day Chocolate: a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit from Glee Gum. This kit comes with all the ingredients you need to make a few Valentine’s Day treats. The kit contains organic ingredients like cocoa butter, cocoa powder, confectioner’s sugar, starter... Read More

November Craft Fairs 2014

Now’s the time to start gathering your holiday gifts. Craft fairs are a great place to find unique and handmade items for everyone on your gift list. Our holiday family tradition always includes a visit to the Chicago Christkindlmarket. You can start your own holiday family... Read More

What to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

After the kids (and you!) have eaten your fill, here are some ideas on what to do with your leftover Halloween candy. Turn it in for the troops. A number of local dentists’ offices are participating in the Halloween Candy Buy Back program. You turn in... Read More

Product Review: Lil’ Holster

You’ve gotta try this fun new household tool. Know how your sponge is always hiding at the bottom a sink full of dirty dishes? The Lil’ Holster is a perfect solution. Just stick this flexible plastic holder to the side of your sink, and viola, your... Read More

Ways to Have Fun With Leaves

The leaves around us are turning and starting to fall. My kids never got tired of jumping into the big pile of leaves that we had just raked. Here are some more fun projects and games with leaves. Get out and enjoy the wonderful fall weather! I... Read More

15 Things To Do On A Snowy Day

Chicago is no stranger to snow storms, and this winter we haven’t even seen one of the top ten snow storms to hit the area.  When a huge blizzard or just some lake effect fills Chicago land with feet and inches of white stuff, it can be easy to... Read More