Ways to Have Fun With Leaves


The leaves around us are turning and starting to fall. My kids never got tired of jumping into the big pile of leaves that we had just raked. Here are some more fun projects and games with leaves. Get out and enjoy the wonderful fall weather!

I love this idea of the Leaf Blow Game that works indoors or out. Give each child a straw and a leaf and have them blow the leaf down the sidewalk or across the table. The first one to cross the finish line wins.

Another “game” for little ones is to grab an old sheet and pile on some leaves. Everyone grabs a corner of the sheet and lifts it to fling the leaves skyward, then see how all the leaves drift down at difference paces. KidsActivites.net has this game and more leaf-themed ideas.

Check out this post from a science teacher for an experiment to find out why leaves change color.

You can make this colorful leaf mask to go with your Halloween costume. Just be aware that you have to press the leaves for 1-2 days first.

For more craft ideas with leaves, check out 123homeschool4me.com.