Hoppy Paws Stamp Kits

Easter Hoppy Paws stamp kit

Do your kids want “proof” that the Easter Bunny visited your house? Use this kit to leave his footprints along the path to the front door and throughout the house leading to their Easter Baskets.

Hoppy Paws is a stamp kit that creates realistic Easter Bunny paw prints in a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable ink. The stamp can be used wherever the Easter Bunny roams, on most indoor and outdoor surfaces. The best part is it washes off using only water- no mess, no fuss.

The kit includes everything you need to create life-sized realistic paw prints. There’s a paw print foam stamp, a mixing tray and the super secret powder. You just empty the powder into the tray, add some water, stamp the prints and let them dry for 20 minutes. The kit is a one-time use, although you can use the foam paw print stamper again.

Nothing warms parents’ hearts more than seeing the look on their children’s faces when they discover evidence that their favorite Holiday Hare has hippity-hopped through their house!

Easter Hoppy Paws stamp kit

Hoppy Paws offers their complete line of stamping kits including the “The Leprechaun” footprint stamping kit and “The Tooth Fairy” Wing Stamping Kit.  Each kit is $6.99 plus shipping and handling. Hoppy Paws can be purchased at www.Hoppypaws.com.

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