Getting Along With Teachers

How often have your kids come home complaining of their teachers? “They didn’t call on me and I knew the answer!” or “Why does she always call on me?” Often, our kids are looking for someone else to blame when they don’t understand the work and they really just... Read More

Spring 2017 Resale Events

Just like the the daffodils that will soon be poking through the snow, your kids have been growing all winter. Here are some resale events to help you replace their too-small clothes from last year and find great deals on toys and equipment. For more great family events, see Oaklee’s Spring issue,... Read More

6 Tips for a Healthier Holiday

                With so many festive parties that include desserts, candies, and fat-laden foods, denying your child sweet treats is easier said than done. It’s better to teach your child moderation and how to make healthy choices. Dr. Dyan Hes, Medical Director of... Read More

Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning Solutions

Spring is the time to clean and refresh. Here are two of our favorite go-to non-toxic pantry items that keep the house smelling clean and springtime fresh. All Purpose Cleaner This easy-to-mix, all-purpose cleaner works on most surfaces. It’s great on kitchen countertops and floors to remove sticky fingerprints. It’s... Read More