Help Your Toddler Thrive

Are you in the middle of the terrible twos, or threes or fours? The age when your toddler is learning about his own independence and challenging everything you say? Fortunately, there’s help to get you through this stage. Dr. Tovah Klein spends her days in “toddlerdom,”... Read More

Oaklee’s Book Review: Maddi’s Fridge

When Lois Brandt was a young girl, she opened her best friend’s refrigerator and discovered that her family had no food. “I didn’t know what to do as a child facing this horrible issue,” she says. “I didn’t know how to help my friend.” As a... Read More

Manage Your Child’s Online Privacy

Oaklee’s Guest Post by Amy Williams, former social worker specializing in teen behavioral health and parent of two teenagers.  At what age should you start considering setting digital boundaries for your child? While it may not seem necessary until the teenage years, you should be planning just... Read More

Calm Baby, Confident Baby

Oaklee’s Guest Post by Jessica Fox, LCPC

 I had a plan for my daughter before she was even a twinkle in my eye. Not the kind of plan that many parents have for their children, like to be a doctor, a lawyer, or the first female... Read More

When to Use Antibiotics

Do you know when to use antibiotics for your children? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is having a Get Smart About Antibiotics week from Nov. 17-23, 2014, to raise awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are an important tool to combat life-threatening... Read More

Book Review: Help your Child Change the World

Do your kids know that they can change the world, just by being their unique selves? Here’s a great new personalized book from publisher I See Me! that will inspire your kids to do just that – one smile and one step at a time. This... Read More

Keeping A Sick Kid Happy

Fall seems to be the time of year when sickness hits our house the most. The kids are exposed to new kids (and germs) at school, they’re worn out from extra-curricular activities and late-night studying, and they never want to dress warm enough for the changing... Read More

Five Ingenious Ways to Feed Even the Pickiest Eaters

Oaklee’s Guest Post by Harriet Foster If your child is a picky eater, don’t despair. You’re not alone! Most children go through a fussy phase with regards to their eating, so it’s certainly not unusual or anything to worry about. Nevertheless, there are a few things... Read More

Six Ways to Raise and Nurture a Young Entrepreneur

Guest Post By John Hope Bryant   Children are natural-born entrepreneurs. When they’re toddlers, they make homemade mud pies and “sell” them to Mom or Dad. As they get older, they start to understand that adults will pay them small amounts of real money in exchange... Read More

Youth Concussions

Did you know that the rate of youth concussions in U.S. high schools has more than doubled over the past seven years, yet many concussions remain undiagnosed. A concussion is a brain injury typically caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head. You don’t... Read More

Should you praise brains or effort?

What kind of learner are you? We’ve heard that some people learn by watching, others learn by doing it, and still others learn best by reading. What style of learning works best for your child? Educators have identified seven learning styles: visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and... Read More

Sun and Heat Safety

Did you know that a child’s body heats up 3 to 5 times faster than an adult’s body? It only takes a few short minutes before a child can become dangerously overheated. In just 10 minutes a car’s temperature can increase by 19 degrees – and... Read More

Keep Kids Reading!

Are your kids picking up a book this summer? A new survey finds that children spend nearly three times as many hours weekly watching TV or playing video games as they do reading in the summer, despite research that indicates the importance of summer reading to... Read More

Make a Deal to Be Safe this Spring Season

As the season turns towards warmer weather, families will traditionally store away their winter gear and re-organize with some old-fashioned spring cleaning. These clean-ups typically mean spring is also yard sale season, an excellent time to find great prices on interesting items. However, we here at... Read More

How to Cope with Chronic Homework Problems

Oaklee’s Guest Post by Andrew Spetter of The Tutoring Center When your child consistently fails to complete homework assignments, you need to step in. Can your child usually complete assignments with extra assistance and encouragement? On most evenings, children should be able to complete assignments independently.... Read More

Read to Your Kids

What are you reading to your kids? My favorite bedtime books for reading to the kids were anything by Dr. Seuss, the Little House on the Prairie series, and the Junie B. Jones stories. I had one child who devoured books, and one who barely managed to get through a... Read More

Parenting: It’s not really that bad

We’ve branded parenting in all the wrong ways. Is it any wonder that more and more couples are opting out of having children?  by Tiffany Gee Lewis,  Parents, we are good at many things. But these days, we aren’t so good at selling our job. We... Read More

Rules for Picking the Right Day Care

There are only about a million things in your daily routine that revolve around making sure you have a great day care that works for you and your family.  Ever try to finish a project from home with a toddler? It’s nearly impossible! The big question... Read More

What are you reading to your kids?

My favorite bedtime books for reading to the kids were anything by Dr. Seuss, the Little House on the Prairie series, and the Junie B. Jones stories. I had one child who devoured books, and one who barely managed to get through a magazine page, but both of them liked... Read More

11 Tips for Making Homework Time Fun

Oaklee’s Guest Post By Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of According to The National Center for Family Literacy, almost 50% of parents feel they can’t help their child with homework because they don’t understand the material. And let’s face it, for most parents it’s been a long time since they’ve been... Read More