Win the Battle of the Backpack: How to Organize Your Child’s Bag

Win the battle of the backpack


Want to help your kids keep their backpacks organized? Here’s a four-step system from educational consultant Donna Goldberg, which she calls “PACK.” You can read more about it in her book, The Organized Student. But beware – all the organization in the world still doesn’t guarantee that your child will actually hand that piece of homework to the teacher.

P: PURGE. Make sure to clean out your backpack regularly. Weekends are a great time to take out all the miscellaneous paperwork and only carry what is essential.

A: ACCESSORIZE. Use organizing tools like homework planners and pen containers. They come in bright colors which makes them more fun to use. Goldberg also recommends buying a backpack with a pouch for drinks on the outside, to avoid messy spills on the inside.

C: CATEGORIZE. If you can find a backpack with multiple sections, they work best. If not, make sure to separate items into categories, putting the heavy books together and adding a folder for all homework or for different classes.

K: KEEP IT UP. Be patient and practice, and help by creating a set time for backpack cleaning and reorganizing. Who knows, once they see the rewards of a clean and organized backpack, your child may even start to clean his room!

Check out Donna’s book for more to help parents identify and teach organizational skills.