What Kind of Bike Should Your Kids Get?

 Are you searching for a nice children’s gift that can promote a healthier lifestyle? Then why not give your daughter or son a bicycle? Although it’s cooler to give the little ones a mobile device or playing console, nothing really beats the amazing experience of riding around the neighborhood park and making fun memories with their friends and family.


To the untrained eye, all bikes look the same. However, there are actually different types. Each variety has its own features, advantages, and drawbacks. In this post, you will learn more about the various types of bicycles that you can give to your children.


  1. BMX

BMX bikes for kids are ideal for children who want to train and enter biking competitions. Unlike other rides, this one has a single gear and lower profile. It also has knobby tires for better traction. They’re ideal for street riding or jumping on ramps, but not so much when commuting across long distances.


  1. Folding

This one is perfect for tender-footed explorers who want to save up on travelling and storage space. Their frames are lightweight and durable. As the name implies, these bikes can be folded up and can be stored in planes, trains, or cars. This can also be used for commuting to school.


  1. Road racers

This one is specially-made for high speed travel on paved roads. They have narrower tires, shorter wheelbase, and a lightweight body. They are called road racers because they are not suited for rugged and rocky surfaces.


  1. Touring bicycles

Touring bicycles, meanwhile, are made for long distance travels. It has a special design to make sure that you stay comfortable throughout your ride. Its frame and other parts are made from sturdy materials. They have lower gears that allow you pedal easily on steep inclines without exerting too much effort. Most touring bikes have a drop-bar handlebar to give you an upright position while riding.


  1. Mountain bikes

Although mountain bikes are not really built for speed, these rides are equipped with durable gears that can handle unpaved surfaces and rugged trails. Similar to the touring bikes, they also have lower gears that allow you conquer steep hills. They also have wide handlebars for better control and maneuverability. Quality mountain bikes have good brake systems and wider tires which are perfect for long-distance travels. You can also use lighter mountain bikes when commuting in bustling cities.


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