What is school readiness?

All parents are aware of the importance of school readiness. But, what exactly is it? And, how can you prepare your child?

Teacher Perspectives on School Readiness

In a recent study conducted by Bright Horizons, elementary school teachers shared their views on what they believe to be the most important factors for any child to succeed in a school setting.

Teachers were unified in their feeling that children should enter their first years of school with an ability to comprehend broader language and math concepts, as well as to be prepared for the social and emotional demands of school. In fact, 96 percent of teachers surveyed indicated they believe that social and emotional preparedness are the most important outcomes of a child’s preschool experience in order for them to be poised for academic success in the elementary years.

PreschoolParents’ Perspective on School Readiness

Today’s parents share high expectations for early achievement. 90 percent of parents surveyed cited academic preparedness as the most important factor in their child’s preschool experience. They want to ensure that their children enter school ready to meet or exceed academic expectations and with a demonstrable ability to apply their newly developing skills in reading, writing and math.

Preparing Your Child for School

Children who come from homes where adults read, spend engaged time with their children, value literacy, and/ or have some social interactions with other children in child care, play groups, or preschool are usually well prepared for kindergarten.

Learning some “school skills,” like lining up and raising hands before transitioning to school, will certainly help make the transition to formal schooling easier; however, what is most important is giving children the chance to fully explore and experiment in an environment with caring adults who guide, support and extend their learning.

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