Ways Music Benefits Children

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Young children seem instinctively drawn to music. I’m sure you remember your toddler bouncing and swaying to the beat as they first became aware of music around them. Music provides many benefits to children, including improving their memory, focus and social skills. It’s also an effective way to increase their creativity and self-expression.

Sarah Caron put together a great list for www.sheknows.com of 10 Ways Music Benefits Children. Here are a few of the items on her list.

1.  Boosts brain power
2. Improves memory
3. Helps socially
4. Builds confidence
5. Teaches patience

Many research studies have shown a link between music lessons and increased IQ and language development. So when should you sign your children up for lessons, and should you force them to stick with an instrument? PBS Parents suggests that informal activities with music should start soon after birth, with more systematic classes around age 3, and formal instrument lessons between ages six and nine.

Here are links with research and articles if you want to read more, but the best thing to do is sign your kids up for music lessons at your local park district or music school, then turn on the music and just dance.
PBS Parents

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