To Camp or Not To Camp?

Kiddie Academy Summer CampsTo camp or not to camp? That is the question.

The summer months can often create a lull in a child’s learning, which can prove detrimental to their skills. In fact, the National Summer Learning Association states that children experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. That’s why summer camp programs are gaining popularity amongst working parents, and for good reason.

A quality summer camp program reinforces what children learned in school. Your child’s ordinary summer vacation is transformed into a fun and strong foundation for the future.

“Camp programs during the summer months can help your children test their boundaries socially, physically, mentally and emotionally,” says Richard Peterson, vice president of education at Kiddie Academy. “The right program can help a child develop leadership skills and a sense of independence, which are important building blocks for future academic and personal success.”

Here are a few more reasons to feel good about summer camp:

  • Confidence Booster. When children are at camp they are more likely to take risks and try things for the first time, which results in a surge of self-confidence. So whether it’s venturing into a new sport or singing in front of a group, these experiences teach children the importance of pushing their boundaries.
  • Social Skills. Summer camp allows children to interact with their peers, which further enhances the social skill element of their development.
  • Health and Fitness. Attending camp allows children to take advantage of all the things summer has to offer. You can bet that when attending the right summer camp your kids will be inspired to explore, create, interact and stay active during the summer months.

At Kiddie Academy, we aim to make your child’s summer as educational as it is fun. Our Camp Adventure program and curriculum do exactly that through themed events, activities and trips. From preschool through elementary school, your child will enjoy playing developmentally appropriate games. For more information, visit