Throwing a Halloween Party for Kids



It’s time to plan your Halloween Parties. Here are some of our favorite ideas for the season.

• Set the tone with a clever invitation. Better Homes and Gardens Editor-in-Chief Ann Blevins has a list of 12 tips and tricks for a memorable party. She sets the tone with a clever witch-hand invitation, and has instructions for creating a simple and fun Pumpkin Toss Game.

• Get the kids involved. Most kids are hands-on and want to be involved in decorating and treat-making. shows how to make Ghost Pops by tying tissues around a lollipop. It’s a simple idea that the kids can help make and is a great take-home treat. For a simple decorating idea, the kids can help spread plain white cheesecloth over furniture to give your room an abandoned look.

• Have some fun with the party food. Check out Chelsea Hart’s Pinterest board for great decorating and food ideas, like Candy Corn Fudge or Witch Hat Cookies.

• Don’t forget the music. Spooky music creates the perfect atmosphere. BHG’s Blevins recommends playing “Monster Mash,” “Witch Doctor,” and “Ghostbusters” to get the party started.

• Keep your games age appropriate. For a take on a balloon busting carnival game, recommends Pop Goes the Pumpkin. Start by covering a foam board with burlap, and taping or pinning on balloons filled with candy, confetti or other small treats. Kids take turns popping the balloons to see what’s inside. Older kids can toss darts, and younger kids can pop the balloons with push pins.