The Top Five Reasons To Send Your Child To Camp

YMCAWhether it’s a day camp at your local Y or sleep away camp in the wilderness, one fact is indisputable: Camp is fun. Really, really fun.

From the classic marshmallow roasting in front of a crackling fire to challenging ropes courses and exciting field trips with friends, there’s something for every child in the camp experience. But camp is more than a great time, and parents and counselors alike know their children and teens are getting much more out of the camp experience than time away from their parents with friends.

Our Y camping experts weighed in on the top five reasons you should consider sending your child to camp (spoiler! It’s not just for the s’mores…)


  1. FOR ADVENTURE: Summer camp is all about adventure, and we’re not talking about video games or seeing the latest blockbuster movies. Whether your child is new to camp or trying it out for the first time, YMCA camps have something new and exciting to spark the imagination of every child and teen.
  2. FOR NEW EXPERIENCES: Camp teaches the importance of explor-ing and appreciating the outdoors, developing new skills, making friends and showing leadership (while having the time of your life, too!).
  3. FOR PERSONAL GROWTH: Getting away from the routine of be-ing at home helps youth build confidence, self-esteem and inde-pendence. While our camps provide a structured schedule packed with programming, its up to the child or teen to be ready, find their activities and make the most of the experience in front of them.
  4. FOR NEW FRIENDSHIPS: Amidst the fun of camp games, songs, swimming, canoeing and talent shows, campers meet new friends. Gaining social confidence is a skill that benefits children into the next school year and for the rest of their lives.
  5. FOR THE MEMORIES: Summer camp is an unforgettable experi ence that will give each camper memories (and stories!) that will last a lifetime.


Looking for the right fit for your camper? Check out the YMCA of Metro Chicago for all your summer camp needs. From day camps to traditional and special interest sleep away camps, we have a place for your camper. Check out to find out more and sign your child up for the summer of a lifetime!