Stuck at home because of Coronavirus? 10 Activities for Kids.

Stuck at home because of coronavirus?

We’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas for what to do around the house if you’re avoiding crowds in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Fashion show/Photo shoot.
Play dress up with old Halloween costumes, take photos, crank up the dance music and have fun on the hallway runway.

Arts and crafts.
Besides cards, you could make a birdfeeder (add peanut butter and seeds to any pine cone), paint a masterpiece, make your own Play-Dough or try other crafty ideas.

Clean the house.
Putting away all those empty boxes, unplayed-with-toys, and dirty laundry will invigorate you and (if you’re lucky) exhaust the little ones to go down for nap time. Here are somegreat chores for kids from WebMd.

Going to pieces? Put them together. Flipzeles have taken puzzles to a whole new level that allows you to create scenes and interact with their dual sided puzzle pieces.

Board games.
Bored? Games like Monopoly, Life, Risk and chess can help with that. One of our family favorites is 7 Habits of Happy Kids.

Build a fort.
Whether you want to build a fortress for an epic pillow fight or have tea inside a princess castle made out of blankets, a fort will keep the kids occupied and make you want to play along.

Computer games.
Discovery Kids has lots of fun ones, including one where you can build a virtual roller coaster, PBS Kids lets younger ones play with Curious George and Daniel Tiger, and Nick Games has everything from Spongebob and the Power Rangers to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Learning games are also a BLAST! Check out ABCMouse for a great start.

Video games.
Between the Wii, Playstation Move and interactive games like Rock Band there’s plenty of arcade options at home to keep your kids moving. GameStop can be a great resource for inexpensive fun, but focus on the movement based games to help them burn energy, stay active and learn some sweet dance moves! For the younger ones NickJr has some really cute dance games featuring your kids fav cartoon stars..

Make your own game.
Play “Calvinball” with your own rules, or get creative online at, where you can build a robot, mix beats like a DJ or race cars.

Story time.
Get cozy on the couch, and read to your kids.