Safe Kids Days

Every year around the world, a million families lose a child to a preventable injury. In fact, preventable injuries are the number one killer of kids in the U.S today. Safe Kids Days in April are dedicated to preventing childhood injuries.


Here are 7 easy ways that you can help keep your kids safe.


7 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe”:

  1.        Tug on your kid’s car seat where the seat belt goes.
  2.        Secure furniture and TVs.
  3.        Check smoke and CO alarms monthly.
  4.        Scan your home for places kids can get into medicine.
  5.        Check around your house for coin-sized button batteries.
  6.        Ask your kid’s coaches if they have had concussion or sports safety training.
  7.        Call to action: Take the Challenge and Take Action Against Distraction.

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