Recipe for a Summer Day Trip

Oaklee’s guest post by Diane Malinowski with Elk Grove Park District


So all winter you are promising to take  the kids to that place you promised to take them last summer.  It’s not too late, get out the calendar and make a commitment. Summer goes fast.



1  day on the calendar that works for everyone

1 Outdoor Destination

1 Indoor Destination

2 Minutes to look for coupons

3-5 packed lunches

1 Alternative day


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Choose 2 days and 2 places, one indoor and one outdoor. Plan to go to the outdoor place first. If you can, pick a weekday to visit an amusement park or water park. A week day is usually less crowded and depending where you choose there should be less traffic and better parking options.
  2. Do your research. If a friend tells you about a place that she liked, great. There’s your word of mouth recommendation. Your friend does not own or run the place you want to go. Five minutes of research will save you a wasted day of grief.
  3. Check the web site for hours and special events.
  4. Read the information to make sure it fits your family. Will your 9 year old like it? Will you be comfortable all day with the baby?
  5. Check to see if you can bring your own food. Concessions are such a convenience and offer great treats but you will be so happy to know you have your own PB & J’s and juice boxes.
  6. Look for coupons. The money you save will pay for the ice cream, right?
  7. Here is an inside tip. Call the place you are going the night before or the morning of your trip. Why? Because water pipes break and things blow up. You’re ready to go.
  8. It’s raining. No worries, you have the indoor outing planned as back up. No way will it rain on both your day trips this summer!