Product Safety Trends for 2015

Oaklee’s guest post by Laura Nikolovska, Program Director for Kids In Danger, a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to improving children’s product safety.


The New Year has arrived, and KID’s resolution is to continue protecting children from dangerous products. We are excited for all of the possibilities that 2015 brings for us! This year, you can expect to see KID working on…

Protecting Children from Adult Hazards: There have been numerous incidents of curious children ingesting and being injured by dangerous products such as laundry pods, button batteries, and liquid nicotine. KID hopes to see action taken to make all of these products safer in the hands of children, such as the new rule on packaging for liquid nicotine effective January 1, 2015 in Illinois. In the meantime, keep them out of reach and out of sight of children.

Preventing Furniture Tip-Overs: Between 2000 and 2013 430 tragic deaths occurred from tip-over incidents. The CPSC’s “Anchor It and Protect a Child” campaign educates all parents about the dangers of injury and death from furniture, television, and large appliance-related tip-over incidents. Visit the Shane’s Foundation website for more information.

Banning Bumper Pads: Action is being taken around the country address dangerous bumper pads, which pose a risk for strangulation, entrapment, or suffocation. The Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics launched their #SayNoToBumpers campaign, and safety advocates in Illinois plan to reintroduce legislation to ban the sale of crib bumper pads statewide – following Maryland’s example. Read about our success banning bumper pads in Chicago!

Ensuring there are No More High-Powered Magnet Sets: Nearly 3,000 children were rushed to the emergency room and one child died from swallowing these small magnets. In September 2014, the CPSC voted to ban the sale of these dangerous magnets and passed new rules for the types of magnet sets allowed for sale.

Educating about Safety Standards Going into Effect: The new standards for removable bassinet attachments will go into effect on April 23, 2015 as the final step of the changes made to bassinets and cradles in 2014. All strollers manufactured after September 10, 2015 will also have to meet the newest safety standards.

Advocating for More Safety Standards: Upcoming standards on the CPSC docket could include infant slings, incline sleepers, frame carriers, bouncers, and high chairs. Keep your eyes on KID’s blog and email alerts for the most current information!


If you are also committed to keeping children safe and would like to stay up-to-date on current safety information, visit to learn more about our mission and access valuable resources.