Park Ridge Football & Cheer Camps

Park Ridge Football & Cheer
Park Ridge, IL

From Flag to Travel football, we work to progress our athletes thru a series of player development and technical levels so that they are prepared to play football both today and tomorrow.

We agree that winning is contagious and we look to keep it that way.  In 2020, our Board and Directors will achieve our desired and collective results when we:

  • Recruit and retain all of our players and athletes from last season
  • Minimize individualistic and diva-like behaviors
  • Support athlete’s achievement of their maximum potential and dreams beyond natural ability and raw talent today
  • Celebrate successes and suffer failures acutely, and listen to constructive feedback and modify as appropriate
  • Benefit from individuals who subjugate their own goals/interests for the good of the team and our programs
  • Avoid distractions and noise, and selflessly help all of the our athletes have an enjoyable and memorable season