Museum Fun Facts

Fun Fact from the Chicago History Museum

On January 27, 1967, the largest snowfall in Chicago’s recorded history came to an end, with over 20 inches of snow having fallen in less than 48 hours. Read more about Chicago’s climate here.

Fun Fact from the Museum of Science and Industry

Did you know that Walt Disney was born in Chicago’s Hermosa neighborhood on December 5, 1901? His childhood ambition was to be a renowned artist. See Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at MSI through May 4, 2014.

Fun Fact from the Kohl Children’s Museum

Japanese farmers use Teru Teru Bozu dolls to ward off rain. They are traditionally made of white paper or cloth and look like ghosts. Make your own at the Japan and Nature: Spirits of the Seasons exhibit running through July 14, 2014.

 Fun Fact from the Lake County Discovery Museum

Here’s how to store your family photographs and heirlooms: For starters, don’t store them in attics or basements. The extreme temperature and humidity can be damaging. Invest in archival storage boxes instead of shoe boxes or cardboard boxes that throw off damaging gases. Line your boxes with acid-free tissue paper to protect delicate fabrics and photos. Click here for more information.

Fun Fact from the DuPage Children’s Museum

Electricity is easily conducted, or flows through, most metals like copper and aluminum along with water, trees and people. Insulators are the opposite of conductors and prevent the flow of electricity. Some examples are glass, plastic and rubber. Conduct your own electricity experiments in the AWEsome Electricity exhibit.