Mother’s Day Safety Resources

Oaklee’s guest post by Laura Nikolovska, Program Director for Kids In Danger, a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to improving children’s product safety.

Moms are amazing and do so much for their children. This Mother’s Day, we want to repay the favor and do something special for them. Staying up to date on the latest safety resources can be a daunting task so KID would like to offer a helping hand by providing you with some useful resources. Common hazards and resources to address the risk are listed below.

Hazard: Child passenger safety

Resource: Safe Kids Worldwide is committed to reducing the number of childhood injuries by raising families’ safety awareness.

What they can do for mom: You can visit to learn how to have your car seat checked for proper installation by a local certified child passenger safety technician and ensure your child is safer during their car rides. Read more car seats tips, including when your child should switch from rear to front facing on this tip sheet.

2016-05-KIDS_HaloEditorialHazard: TV, furniture tip-overs

Resource: Shane’s Foundation is an organization founded by a mom and committed to preventing appliance tip-over accidents through safety education and public awareness.

What they can do for mom: Head over to their site to explore important safety tips and learn how to share their lifesaving message with your family and friends. Also check out for more information on the #AnchorIt campaign.

Hazard: Foodborne illnesses

Resource: STOP Foodborne Illness. A food safety organization dedicated to raising public awareness about foodborne illness and advocating for better food safety policies. There have been quite a few food recalls lately, check them out here.

What they can do for mom: Visit their website for more information on food safety topics and to sign up for alerts on recalled food and dangerous outbreaks.

Hazard: Ingestion of harmful substances

Resource: Illinois Poison Control. They provide access to comprehensive and trusted information and treatment advice on potentially harmful substances

What they can do for mom: In addition online safety resources (like the helpful My child ate… chart), they offer a free, confidential 24-hour helpline: 1-800-222-1222. The helpline is staffed by specially trained medical experts, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists

Hazard: Recalls, product safety

Resource: Kids in Danger (KID) is an organization founded by parents dedicated to education, awareness, and advocacy around children’s product safety.

What they can do for mom: Each month, KID sends out the latest children’s product safety news and recalls right to your inbox. Sign up here.