Happy Feet!











Oaklee’s Family Guide Guest Post by Jamie Puffpaff, Director of Rock ‘n’ Kids


Children of all ages express themselves through music. In fact, we are all born with music inside of us already—our heart beats! Even while children are still in the womb, parents can use music to calm, sooth and excite their babies. After birth, parents can use music to engage, interact with and teach their children about the world around them.

The benefits of getting children involved in a music and movement program are endless. In addition to social skills like cooperation, sharing, creativity and concentration, music and movement programs help with pre-reading skills, language acquisition, and math and science concepts. Studies show that children who participate in music activities when they are young are more confident and successful in school. Music and movement programs also help with physical fitness, keeping children healthy and fit.

Infants can recognize melodies and will often mimic sounds. Toddlers are able to start to wiggle and move to music and enjoy silly songs and rhymes that make them laugh. They are also able to start reproducing rhythms by clapping and tapping. Preschools are able to sing, and can begin incorporating motor skills and creative expression into their movements to music.

There are many music programs available for toddlers and preschoolers in the Chicagoland area. Rock ‘n’ Kids provides the Tot Rock and Kid Rock programs for children ages 1-5 years at various park districts in the Northwest Suburbs. Class activities include songs and rhymes, use of rhythm instruments and movement props, work on fine and gross motor movements, creative play, and socialization. “The Kid Rock program has definitely helped my child’s development. After participating in class, my daughter has become more confident and outgoing,” a parent in Crystal Lake commented about the program.

Start 2015 off with “Happy Feet” by participating in a music class with your little one! Sing, dance and play with your child today!