Great Water Balloon Games

It is hot, hot, hot and there is nothing more fun than a good old fashion water balloon fight! This got me thinking – what are some fun games that we can make up to level this pool-less party up?!?!

  • Catch – Partners stand close facing each other and take turns throwing water balloon back and forth, taking a step farther away each time.  Alternative: Lather up your hands with dish soap for some slippery fun!


  • Learnin’ Balloons – Put the letters of your child’s name on the balloons and let them spell it out! You can also use them for color sorting, counting and more! Remember to let the ink dry on the balloons before you hand them off, otherwise you will have ink all over the place!


  • Angry Birds– This is a really creative idea that just takes a little chalk and some balloons! Check it out HERE


  • Towel Toss – Grab a couple of towels and break into teams! Use that towel to toss the balloons back and forth. Every time they catch it they step farther away.