Five Tips for Keeping Kids Safe During Fourth of July Celebrations

Follow these suggestions to avoid injuries and illnesses common during the annual holiday

Posted by Mary Canonico ,

With good weather expected, the Independence Day holiday weekend will present many opportunities for fun and celebration. Keeping children safe during the festivities can be challenging.

Many families will spend the coming days outdoors at picnics, parties, parades, parks and perhaps their own back yards. Along with these activities come the dangers of water, fire, food, large crowds and heat. Awareness of potential injuries common during July 4th holiday celebrations can help parents prevent harm to their children.

Follow these safety tips for keeping youngsters healthy and happy:

1. Use extreme caution with sparklers and other fireworks novelty items commonly sold at grocery stores and gas stations. The Ohio Department of Health reported that sparklers can reach temperatures of more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can set clothing on fire. Children under 12 should not use them. Ohio prohibits use of most fireworks, including “bottle rockets” and firecrackers. Novelty items that smoke, pop and sparkle are allowed by law but are common sources of injury for children, particularly ages 5 and younger. Never use these items near wooded areas or very dry grass to reduce the risk of fire. Adults who supervise children using novelty fireworks should not be under the influence of alcohol.

2. Create a “child-free zone” around outdoor grills. Use lawn chairs or other items to establish the area in which children should not be allowed to enter. Be sure grill fuel lines are properly connected and free of cracks or tears to prevent explosions. Never pour lighter fluid on hot coals. Be sure that children stay clear of areas near grills until they are completely cooled. Do not allow children to cook on grills, even with supervision.

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