Finding the Right Preschool

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Parents know that choosing a preschool for their children is a decision not to be taken lightly.

Preschools are often a child’s first extensive experience away from home, and the right school can help kids make that transition more smoothly.

When looking for a preschool for their kids, parents may want to employ the following tips.

Make preschool a priority. Procrastinating with regard to finding a preschool carries considerable risk. Many of the best preschools have only a limited number of spots available, and there may even be a waiting list for those spots. So it behooves parents to begin their search for a preschool as early as possible. Doing so affords parents the time to visit various facilities, speak with staff members and maybe even observe a typical day at the school. Leaving things until the last minute takes away that flexibility, and parents may be forced to choose a facility with which they are largely unfamiliar.

Ask around. Fellow parents make for great resources as parents look for a preschool for their children. Ask parents of current preschool children or even older kids who attended preschool to share their impressions of a given facility and share their insights as to a facility’s operations and its pros and cons.

Take kids along on visits. Though parents typically have a checklist of things they want to find in a preschool facility, it pays to remember that the kids will ultimately be the ones spending time at the school. So take youngsters along when visiting facilities, paying particular attention to how kids react to each facility and how well staff members engage your youngster in the day’s activities. Many kids take time to adjust to preschool, but you can still learn a lot about a facility by observing how your child interacts with staff and how well the facility meshes with your child’s personality.

Don’t mistake cost with quality. The cost of preschool can range from affordable to exorbitant. But the costliest school is not necessarily the best facility, nor the best fit for your child. While an expensive preschool may be well worth the investment, parents should still consider all of their options before making any commitments.