Chicago Park District Pools and Water Play Areas

The city of Chicago has some of the best pools and water playgrounds so you can beat the heat this summer. This list will help you find one close by.

Adams Water Playground
Chicago: 312-742-7787
1919 N. Seminary Ave.

Archer Interactive Water Play Area
Chicago: 773-284-7029
4901 S. Kilbourn Ave.

Austin Water Playground
Chicago: 773-287-7658
5951 W. Lake St.

Avalon Water Playground
Chicago: 312-747-6015
1215 E. 83rd St.

Clarendon Water Playground
Chicago: 312-742-7512
4501 N. Clarendon Ave.

Columbus Wade Pool
Chicago: 773-287-7641
500 S. Central Ave.

Cornell Spray Pool
Chicago: 312-745-2470
5473 S. Cornell Aven.

Dvorak Water Play Area
Chicago: 312-746-5083
1119 W. Cullerton St.

Best Pools in Chicago

Fernwood Water Play Area Indoors
Chicago: 312-747-6132
10436 S. Wallace St.

Fosco Water Playground
Chicago: 312-746-5086
1312 S. Racine Ave.

Franklin Water Play Area
Chicago: 312-747-7676
4320 W. 15th St.

Graver Water Play Area
Chicago: 312-747-6163
1518 W. 102nd Pl.

Hale Water Play Area
Chicago: 773-229-1032
6258 W. 62nd St.

Jackson Water Play Area
Chicago: 773-256-0903
6401 S. Stony Island Ave.

Lafollette Water Play Area
Chicago: 773-287-0541
1333 N. Laramie Avenue.

Mayfair Water Feature Interactive
Chicago: 773-685-3361
4550 W. Sunnyside Ave.

McKinley Water Playground
Chicago: 312-747-6527
2210 W. Pershing Rd.

Meyering Water Playground
Chicago: 312-747-6545
7140 S. Martin Luther King Dr.

Murray Water Play Area
Chicago: 312-747-6562
1743 W. 73rd St.

Ogden Water Play Area
Chicago: 312-747-6572
6500 S. Racine Ave.

Piotrowski Water Play Area
Chicago: 312-747-6608
4247 W. 31st St.

Portage Interactive Water Play Area
Chicago: 773-685-7235
4100 N. Long Ave.

Pulaski Water Play Area
Chicago: 312-742-7559
1419 W. Blackhawk St.

Riis Water Play Area
Chicago: 312-746-5363
6100 W. Fullerton Ave.

River Water Playground
Chicago: 312-742-7516
5100 N. Francisco Ave.

Skinner Water Feature
Chicago: 312-746-5560
1331 W. Monroe St.

Sherwood Park Water Playground
Chicago: 773-256-0926
5701 S. Shields Ave.

West Chatham Water Playground
Chicago: 312-747-6998
8223 S. Princeton Ave.

West Lawn Water Feature Interactive
Chicago: 773-284-2803
4233 W. 65th St.

Whealan Pool Aquatic Center (Forest Preserves of Cook County)
Chicago: 773-775-1666
6200 W. Devon Ave.

Williams Water Playground
Chicago: 312-747-7107
2710 S. Dearborn.

Wilson Water Play Area
Chicago: 773-685-6454
4630 N. Milwaukee Ave.