Budget Family Day Out in Miami? Let’s Go!

Whether you’re eight or eighty, everyone loves a trip to Miami, especially in winter. But for a family of four or more, The Magic City can seem a little expensive. You can do a family day out in the city on a budget, you just need to go to the right places.

Miami Seaquarium

A key Miami attraction since 1955, the Miami Seaquarium is one of the most involving and budget-friendly destinations for young families in the state. Home to an eclectic mix of sea mammals, such as dolphins, sea lions and killer whales, deals and discounts are readily available on Miami Seaquarium tickets, saving you more money for the gift shop afterwards!

Miami Beach

Miami is renowned for its beaches, and Miami Beach is a great place to take the kids; it’s warm, it’s fun and it costs nothing to visit. Take homemade lunches, including plenty of drinks and sun tan lotion and hit the beach. People watching and swimming in the sea are terrific free activities that you and the kids will love.

Miami Children’s Museum

As the name suggests, the Miami Children’s Museum is designed for kids of all ages and even bigger kids and their parents too! Entertaining, enlightening and educational, this museum is free for members and military personnel, including veterans.

Everglades National Park

If you have a car, take the time to drive the one hour from Miami to the Everglades National Park, America’s third-largest national park. Entrance is free, and there are lots of accessible trails that you and the kids can explore for hours on end. You might even see some of the local wildlife, including Florida’s most famous animal, the terrifying alligator!

Miami is a tremendous destination for young families, and it can be done on a budget, so start researching coupons and discounts and you can unlock the magic of Miami this winter.