Back-to-School Germs

It seems like the kids always get exposed to new germs the first month they’re back in school. Boogie Wipes surveyed parents with school-age children and found that 67% reported their kids were sick within the first month of returning to school in the fall.

What can you do to prevent those germs from coming home? Here are some fun tips from Boogie Wipes to help keep those germs at school and teach children about healthy hygiene habits.

  • Practice Makes Perfect – Clean hands spread fewer germs. Teach children proper hand washing technique by using finger paint to color their hands. Paint around fingernails, between fingers, at the base of the palm and on the back of hands. Using soap and warm water, have kids scrub until all the paint is gone. Wherever you see paint is where germs can hide.
  • Learn About Germs – Help kids understand why germs are so nasty by doing a simple experiment at home. Collect two slices of whole wheat bread (white will take longer to mold because of the preservatives in it) and two sandwich bags. Have your child use dirty hands, that have not recently been washed, to touch one piece of bread on both sides. Place it in a bag and seal. Mark that bag “dirty hands”. Next, have your child wash his or her hands and touch the second slice of bread. Place it in a bag marked “clean hands”. After a few days, mold will have grown faster on the dirty slice of bread due to the amount of germs.
  • Pack Reusable Water Bottles – Pack reusable water bottles for your kids and try to encourage them to not use the school’s drinking fountain. Many kids use the water fountain and more often than not little ones put their mouths on the potentially germy spigot.
  • Stock Up the Desk – Pack tissues and Boogie Wipes for your little ones to take to school and keep in their desks. When at home, don’t let a runny nose go unnoticed. If you are making a point to clean their nose or remind kids to do it themselves, they will eventually develop a habit. By providing them with their own special products they will feel mature and be more inclined to wipe without a reminder.
  • Sharing is Not Always Caring – Encourage your children not to share food or drink, even pens and pencils, with other students. The less shared surfaces your child comes into contact with during the day, the lower the potential for spreading and contracting germs. If they must share, share a Boogie Wipe instead of the germs.


About Boogie Wipes
The first-ever saline nose wipe, Boogie Wipes®, was invented by two moms as a solution for their kids’ sore, red, stuffy noses. Today, the brand has expanded beyond wipes to offer parents additional saline-based products for kids including Boogie Mist. Boogie Wipes was invented in 2007. Its products are sold in retail locations throughout the United States and Canada including Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Toys ‘R’ Us. For more information, visit: