Autumn Awakenings

Oaklee’s guest post by Jamie Puffpaff, Owner and Creator of Rock ‘n’ Kids, Inc.


Autumn. The word itself sounds beautiful and elegant! Autumn is the favorite season for many people, for understandable reasons! Fall is a time for beautiful colors, cozy sweaters, crisp air, homey smells, and comforting foods like soups, stews, apple cobblers and pumpkin lattes. Fall is also a great time to enroll your child in an enrichment program.


With children of all ages going back to school, fall is the perfect opportunity to get your little one interested in attending a “school” of his or her own. Participating in enrichment programs help prepare children to attend preschool by teaching them how to thrive in a classroom environment. Because they are usually 30-60 minutes in duration, they are an appropriate time span to hold a child’s interest, and also teach them socialization skills, such as sharing and following directions. It is also important for young children to learn how to listen to another authoritative figure besides a family member.

Kid Rock classes

Many enrichment programs are available for young children, based on their interests. Because these programs are usually 6-8 weeks in nature, it is easy to enroll in different programs to explore your child’s interests. Programs are available in sports, art, music, fitness and cooking, and even more specific subjects like dinosaurs, the alphabet, transportation and gardening. A good place to look for programs is your local park district, community center or fitness club, and by consulting family resources such as Oaklee’s Guide and others.

Kid Rock parties

The Tot Rock and Kid Rock programs are an example of an enrichment program that helps educate and socialize young children before preschool. Tot Rock and Kid Rock are music and music programs that incorporate fine and gross motor skills with imagination play, sensory integration and rhythm. They are geared toward children 1-5 years. Fall is the perfect time to get involved in a Tot Rock or Kid Rock class!


Soon, the summer beach balls and flip flops will be traded for new backpacks and back to school clothes. Take advantage of this change in the seasons and awaken your toddler with a new educational experience!