7 Simple Ways to Be Happy!

By Sam Glenn, the Authority on Attitude

There are many things that can create happiness, but ultimately happiness is an inside job. It is you choosing to be happy. You can’t put the weight of your happiness on another person or wait for the weather to be just right. Ultimately, it is you making a choice in the midst of whatever is going on in life to give yourself the gift of happiness by simply making choices that create happiness for you. You may have more to add to this list, but here are some simple ways to speed up your happiness metabolism and start living and feeling happy now.


1. Do what is right. When you do the right things, you never have to look over your shoulder wondering if what you did wrong will find you out. When you do the wrong things, it will always find you out. If you want to be happy, do what is right because it will free you from having to cover your tracks. Plus it feels good to do what is right.


2. Spend time with people you love and who love you. It can be as simple as a phone call, but nothing feels quite as nice as hearing a familiar voice that brings you joy, comfort, and laughter.


3. Let go of what is history. If it is in the past, that is where it should stay. Maybe there is something that you re-play over and over in your mind that gets you worked up. Choose to let it go so you are free to think better thoughts.


4. Do what is healthy. Eat right. Get enough sleep and be willing to work out to keep your body fit. You are in management whether you know it or not. You are the manager of your future, your funds, and your body. When you manage your body the right way, it is evident. You feel better, think better, and do better. Get on a plan that you can be consistent with, and when you feel healthy, you will feel happiness.


5. Forgive yourself. This may go along the lines of the “let go of history,” but it is about you dealing with anything that you feel guilt for. There are things we all do that we can’t change, but wish we could. However, walking around with a ball of guilt will only deplete us of productive and positive energy. Be willing to forgive yourself to free yourself to be happy. Stop believing that you do not deserve to be happy and believe that you are worthy of happiness.


6. Step away from the complaint counter. Complaining never really solves much. It gets us worked up, and if that is all you are ever looking for, it will deplete you of being a happy person. Stop complaining about the little things, what you don’t have, who did what, and the list can go on. Step away from the complaint counter for a few hours, a day, a week, a month, and see how happiness will fill you up.


7. Count your blessings. The fastest way to get to a real place of balance and common ground in your mind is to think of everything you have to be grateful for. When you realize all that you have to be thankful for, it changes your attitude to positive. You feel happy knowing that despite whatever is going on in your world, you have blessings and that is valuable in living a happy life.


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, America’s #1 Speaker on Attitude ™ . Sam is a sought after keynote motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action to achieve positive results.  Sam Glenn’s Speeches and Motivational Books offer strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and a positive culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off speaker or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (www.SamGlenn.com)