5 Products that make Travel Fun

If your holiday plans call for traveling with kids , here are five items that will make the trip more organized and more enjoyable.

Trendykids luggage

The Trendykids Travel Buddies sets of travel luggage for kids make traveling fun. They offer both a roller bag and lightweight backpack with hard shell cases that come with matching blankets. These unique pieces have fun faces and colors that you can tell were designed by kids for kids.

BenBat Seat Belt Pals

For car travel, the BenBat collection of products is great for a family on-the-go, whether it’s a trip to the supermarket or across the state. The Bubble Cream Car Shade screens out the harsh sun and provides a colorful attraction when the sunlight comes through the large transparent bubbles. The Seat Belt Pals are soft, fuzzy pads that wrap around the seat belt to prevent it from rubbing against your child’s skin.


When one mom felt overwhelmed by her three kids’ stuff in the car, she created a line of products to fix the problem. The ZoomKit is a portable table and activity system that is lightweight and works in the car or on the plane. Additional pieces fit snugly in the tabletop to hold art supplies, snacks or small toys. The kit can go with you to into the doctor’s office, or sit on the sidelines at a sporting event.

Bananagrams Zip It

For fans of Bananagrams®, their new and improved game called Zip It® is perfect for airline travel. The game comes in a clever cloth travel pouch with scoring zippers on each side. Two players race against each other to create an intersecting word grid with their letter cubes. Each round lasts just a few seconds, but this fast-paced fun game can hold attention for hours.

RuMe crossbody bag

My on-the-go mom essentials are the RuMe totes and bags. The Crossbody Backpack is sturdy enough to carry a good load, but it’s ultra-lightweight and stuffs into it’s own zippered pocket. The strap is cleverly designed to use in one piece as a cross body, or to unzip and use on both shoulders as a backpack. It’s the perfect bag to throw in the car, in your suitcase, or in your purse for when you need an extra tote.


With all of these great pieces, you have no excuse to stay home!