3 Tips for Safe Road Travel with Young Children

Oaklee’s guest post by Laura Nikolovska, Program Director for Kids In Danger, a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to improving children’s product safety.

Take Safety On The Road With You This Holiday Season

KIDS Family Travel

Around this time of the year our family and friends come together to share joy, laughter, and company. As a result, it is one of the busiest times for traveling. At KID, we want to make your holiday travels a little safer when on the road with children and infants. Remember: the same safety precautions you follow at home also apply when traveling. Here are 3 reminders to ensure safe travels:

  1. Before hopping into the car make sure you have an age appropriate and non–recalled car seat. There have been several car seat recalls this year. Double-check that your car seat has not been recalled by visiting NHSTA and go to the Safe Kids page to make sure you are using the right seat. Also, did you know a heavy coat could make a car seat restraint less effective? Check out this article on how to make them work equally and effectively.


  1. Bare is Best! Even on the road, remember to practice safe sleep by having the baby sleep alone in a crib or play yard and keep the baby’s sleep space empty. See more safe sleep tips here. Also, make sure the crib you are using meets the most current federal safety standards.


  1. When picking out and packing the toys up for those long rides, read the label to make sure they are age appropriate for all your children. Keep an eye out if your child gets a hold of a toy not meant for them, especially small magnets/parts that can cause a choking hazard or ingestion hazard.


KID wants to be your safety resource wherever you go. We are constantly updating our Facebook and Twitter to inform you of any recalls that may occur and other safety tips. You can also access KidsInDanger.org through your mobile phone and check recalls on the go.