Shane’s Foundation

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Shane’s Foundation

It’s every parent’s nightmare to lose a child, and it’s even more traumatic when the death happens in your own home. Lisa Siefert lost her 2-year-old son, Shane, in 2011 when his bedroom dresser fell on top of him. When she learned that one child dies every 2 weeks from a furniture tip-over, Lisa started Shane’s Foundation to warn parents of this danger.

Lisa’s non-profit organization recently launched a public awareness campaign that includes a poster on tip-over hazards and is working with Alexian Brothers Health System’s Pediatric Service Line to compile a recommended safety shopping list and a safety gift basket.

What can parents do to keep their children safe?

1. Learn about the risks

Check out Safe Kids Worldwide. This global organization is dedicated to preventing injuries in children. Find great tips on preventing TV tip-overs, avoiding heatstroke, ensuring Halloween safety, securing a booster seat, avoiding accidental poisoning and much more.

2. Take action

Visit the Consumer Products Safety Commission website. They post product recalls and have an excellent list of 12 safety devices for your home, along with many other tips and safety ideas.

3. Anchor and secure your furniture, TVs and appliances. Go around your house on at kid level and see what’s there. Electrical cords, blind pulls, and heavy furniture all pose a risk to a curious child. For just a few dollars, you can get brackets and straps at the hardware store to anchor furniture to the walls.

4. Call in the experts

A&H Child proofers is a local childproofing company that offers a free home safety evaluation. They are Certified Professional Child proofers and provide tips and information on safety ideas and product recalls.